How Movie Nights Can Become A Fantastic PTA Fundraiser

Both parents and kids alike love movies. When you watch a great movie we all become kids. For 90 minutes we are transported into a fantasy world of escape. This is why we believe they a movie night fundraiser makes a great PTA fundraising event.

Why set up a movie night event at your school? popcorn and movie nights go hand and hand

Watch a good movie with your kids. And we all laugh and we cry together.

And We eat snacks like jujyfruits, malt balls, raisonettes and movie popcorn with extra butter until our tummies hurt.

Yet, no one minds because its good wholesome family fun.

This offers endless opportunities only limited to your imagination.

This will work wonders in combination with your other fundraiser activities. For instance, you can still hold a bake sale, garage sale or a popcorn sale from Fundraising Zone with your PTA.

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Perhaps a Halloween movie night.
  • Create a virtual movie fundraiser.
  • How about negotiating for a local movier theater fundraiser and watching it there?
  • At home movie night.
  • School Movie Night Under The Stars.
  • Watch movies at school and sell concessions.
  • Have a movie theme series. Example: Disney movies, Cartoons, Comedies, Animal movies etc.
  • Do a summer festival series.
  • Offer a holiday movie series.
  • Do a last friday of the month movie.

This website is dedicated to helping your next movie night a success.