At Home Movie Night Fundraiser

They originally wanted a drive in movie fundraiser event as a fall fundraiser. However, the California fires cause them to have to come up with a new idea. The fireman were using the county fair grounds as a staging area.

Their new plan? “We’re bringing our drive in event to the comfort of your couch.”

It was a movie night in a box and microwave popcorn.

To sign up the instructions were given  to go to for more information and to reserve your movie night in a box!

Anyone can do their own version of this and use their own twist to create a virtual movie night fundraiser. This really would work well during the Covid pandemic.




School Movie Night Under The Stars

In this Lynmore School Fundraiser instead of having the movie night in a movie theater they had it outdoors under the stars! All the students and their families brought their own blankets and sat on the lawn to watch the movie on a big screen after nightfall. It is no wonder they came up with the idea to call it “Night Flicks”. They even had concession stand selling kettle corn and cotten candy to raise extra funds.


Families arrived early for the kifds to run around and get all of their extra energy out before the movie started. Any school can do this. Maybe your PTA would like to schedule a “family night under the stars”!

Movie Night – Senior Fundraiser Ideas

This senior class came up with a movie noight fundraiser. In a nice twist instead of playing one movie they had 4 movies going on in 4 different classrooms. They charged only $3 a movie ticket and sold snacks in the concessions tands in the hallway.


This video to promote the movie school fundraiser event was well done with a cast of several seniors from the graduating class. On top of that they even included some bloopers from making the video.


The lesson is to have fun making videos to sell the idea of your movie night. This could be used for any senior class looking to raise money.





Movie Theater Fundraiser For Families with Special Needs!

The Special Needs Resource Foundation had an idea for a movie night fundraiser event to help families with special needs. Imagiune watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi for a good cause like these families. It was held at a local movie theater for the actual grand opening of this movie when it came out. There was plenty of photo opportunities with Darth Vader and a cast of many costumed Star Wars characters. A fun time was had by all.

Afterwards they posted this video to show the great time had by their supporters. Then they advertised the NEXT movie fundraiser they would be having. This is a great way to get your supporters to help your cause several times during the year. This video was probably shared on facebook so friends and family would sign up for the next movie event! Anyone can do this!

Virtual Movie Night Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Association

Hosting a Virtual Movie Night Fundraiser for The Longest Day


The Alzheimer’s Association of Illinois had an idea for a fundraising event during Covid. They watched the “Longest Day” together. This virtual movie night fundraiser was successful because they trained their supporters and volunteers on how to help.


Notice how easy they made this. By following the suggestions in the video you can also run a virtual movie night for your PTA.